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"I am delighted with the SpineLegal, It is more than what I expected with superb quality and attention to detail on the software and on the administration modules to set up the management of my legal firm. The data regarding case progress and quick access to documents are as stated. The ease of integration with word and outlook is superb, I have had several admirers at my office who have even stopped me whilst working on the case to ask all about the software I use. 

The service offered and delivered was a very personal service and they spent the time setting up the system to suit me. SpineLegal team have been available on the phone to answer any of my queries and questions. It is rare these days to have such a service provided by people who are knowledgable and enthusiastic about what they do"  - BJ, EU Law Firm

SpineLegal Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need In One Convenient Spot!
Instantly build out your business processes and automation with professionally designed workflows and templates. With a few clicks, you can build out your legal products from scratch...
Matter Management
Now you can create cases efficiently under 2 minutes generating the workflows, documentation, quotations, audit checklist, and invoices all in one click. Saving your valuable Time and Money.
Practice Management
Practice Management has been developed to have absolute supervisory control over the practice by covering all activities, cashflows, regulatory and compliance obligations. Easy to manage charts and graphs makes it cleaner, easier to read, and a lot faster to manage YOUR PRACTICE.
Legal Accounting
Fully integrated client and office accounting provide SpineLegal with cutting edge automation where the quotations, invoices and settlements are driven automatically with no room for errors. The office accounting has the reconciliations, reporting and integrations already built-in.
Support all Platforms
SpineLegal Desktop, Portal, Tablet and Mobile applications provide all-round platform support and features to manage your FIRM in the office and on the GO. New tools and options allow you to make the perfect working environment that suits your LAW FIRM.
Legal Track
Customer satisfaction is a key function for the SpineLegal process automation. LegalTrack provides a portal and mobile application for your end customers. LegalTrack helps in updating the customers with the case details in real-time, sharing documents with them and also communicating with them over the messenger.
Case Bundle
More and more features are added to SpineLegal every week. Case bundle is an essential and important feature which extracts the full case and participant details into a PDF format which could then be used for litigation proceedings and also for managing GDPR requirements.
Legal Templates
Templates are the foundations of automating a legal process. SpineLegal is shipped with 200+ templates across all case types which are essential to run the cases. The template management module is the foundation for adding your own templates and is very easy to manage.
Cool Features
The productivity of YOUR FIRM improves on every operation you undertake in SpineLegal.  The ZOOM functionality and THEMES provide all the usability and accessibility features to the platform. We tailor Mobile Applications for your firm to ensure you have better user engagement and hence improved customer satisfaction.
Integrated Training and Intuitive Software
SpineLegal is a fully documented system with help documentation and videos in every user screen. The support model provides a personal touch for generic issues or for on any case-related issues. Spinelegal onboarding and system videos give you a wealth of knowledge to become an expert in no time.

Here’s A Recap Of

  • ​Amazing Offer Piece #1 SpineLegal Software ($197 Value/Month)
  • ​​Amazing Offer Piece #2 Legal Track Software ($39.99 Value/Month)
  • ​​Amazing Offer Piece #3 Spine Practice Software ($29.99 Value/Month)
  • ​​Amazing Bonus Piece #1 Spine Mobile ($39.99 Value/Month)
  • ​Amazing Bonus Piece #2 White-glove On-boarding ($99.99 One Off)
  • ​Amazing Bonus Piece #3 24 x 7 Process and System Training ($49.99 One Off)

Total Value: $296.97/month + One Offs

But today, you're getting all of this...


Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

 Do I have to pay for updates?

No! You do not need to pay for updates. We give constant updates to our  software including new features. You get all these updates for free. Since we use a cloud service your software will be automatically updated to the latest version.

  How long is the contract?

There is not any long-term commitment. You can use the software month by
month and cancel the subscription whenever you want.

 If I cancel my subscription will I lose my data?

Most of the similar software platforms do not provide access to your data once
you cancel your subscription. But in our software, you keep the data after you have cancelled the subscription. When you come back after the pause, the system operates exactly like before with all the settings in place.

 Can you handle the load?

Yes! SpineLegal is hosted in the largest public cloud cluster in the world (we are
powered by Microsoft and backed up by cloud flare security+CDN) we have
unlimited virtual ability to scale in real-time. Whether you send 100 or 100,000
requests it won’t slow us down.

  Is my data secured?

Yes! Data security is one of our top priorities. We built SpineLegal from scratch
to give maximum security to your data. Your data will be remaining in your
private cloud. Our approach is very innovative and we can show you how easily
you can keep your data 100% secure.

 If I have questions is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! We have a first-class support team available for 24 hours 7days a week.
Just click on the "support" link on the bottom of any of our pages. You can
contact us by email at support@in-spine.com

 Do I have to install anything?

Yes! If you use the SpineLegal  desktop application, it will be installed. But that's all. You do  not need to have the whole IT department to run it. You can just log in and we have placed tools to get you started within no time.

 Who owns the data? Customers or Subscribers?

You do! Any data including users will be 100% owned by you. SpineLegal does
not have permission to use that content or contact your users for any reason.
SpineLegal is just a tool for you and we deliver the service.

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SpineLegal Gives You THE TOOLS You Need To Generate More Profits, Business and Customer Satisfaction!

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